Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer?

It is keeping peace and good relations between people,

as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.

- Prophet Mohammed


Day 5

Somehow I have managed to remain pretty grudge-free in this life.  However, being grudge-free is much different than being a forgiving person. I think my way of handling troubling situations is more about ignorance than resolution. If I don't confront the people who have wronged me, then the problem fades away. Your typical psychiatrist will wax on about suppressed emotions boiling over at some point or the root cause of most behavioral flaws can be traced to some seemingly inconsequential events in your childhood, but I don't buy into that too much. Not allowing yourself to obsess over minor details is a good trait to possess.

I have done things that need to be forgiven though. So, rather than calling the all the people that I wronged, I'll write a list of some of my hurtful actions. Let's start from my earliest fibs and move on to some more serious sins as a got older.
  • I lied to my grandmother about taking Karate classes. (5 yrs old)
  • I told my best friend, Tom, that my dad and I went to the moon. (6)
  • I smashed popsicles at lunch and then blamed someone else for it. (7)
  • I borrowed my friends Ice Climber for NES and never returned it. (8)
  • I blamed another boy at school for cussing when it was actually me who was responsible. (9)
  • I took money from my mom's wallet while on vacation so I could play video games. (10)
  • I told my family that I got second place in the yearly mile-run at school, but I really got third. (11)
  • I bullied a lot of people for no reason. (12)
  • I faked pulling a hamstring so I could quit track. (13)
  • I pretended to have a lot of friends when I moved to Franklin, TN, but the truth was that it took awhile. (14)
  • I ran over one of my good friends in a car and then convinced him not to go to the hospital because I didn't want to get in trouble. (This one has been forgiven as we discussed it while in Korea. Sorry again, Patrick.)(15)
  • I didn't willingly talk to my father for nearly two-years, but not because I was angry. I was just lazy. (16)
  • I knew of a non-violent crime that took place and never told anyone about it. I wasn't being loyal to the criminal, though. I just didn't want to deal with the confrontation. The criminal did get caught eventually.(17)
  • I voted for George W. Bush. (18)
  • I saw a friend in a fight and stood by like a coward. Sorry Mike. (19)
  • I got angry at my roommate for not paying the phone bill, but taking the money for it. However, I did the same thing for one-month with the gas bill. Luckily, my dad bailed me out and my deception wasn't exposed. Until now. Reading Sid and Coug? (20)
  • I cheated on every single one of my Business Law exams. (21)
  • I ripped off a friends dance moves. (22)
  • I actually was very homesick when I first got to Korea, but didn't want people to think that I had made a bad decision. It's worked out for me. (23)
  • I seriously shunned a friend because I didn't like his girlfriend. (24)
  • I intentionally played dumb in order to break an employment contract. (25)
  • I convinced upper management to can a teacher mostly for professional reasons, but I'd be lying to say that some of my motivations were not personal. (26)
  • Last month, I failed to bow on three separate evenings. (27)
So, there's my list. Anything you want to share?


  1. The Bush thing was the worst. I was once a Republican myself.

  2. Gosh, you mean things I know you did that were not honest?? Your Mom (and sister) could add mail-eating mailboxes and banks that are NEVER able to transfer money??? Hmmmm...and talking about bail-outs...okay those were mainly poor choices. Which religion deals with those??

  3. No, no, no. Anything you want to share about yourself?

  4. I forgive you for the bill, but I'm still on the fence about the time you cut off the power one week early. I'm not really sure what we should have done in that situation, but I think moving the venison to Rog & B's would have been a good idea. Also, I want my "slippery slope" back.

  5. HAHA! I forgot about the thawed venison, but I do remember studying for finals by candlelight. I forgave you a long time ago though. It was a weird situation and I don’t know what I would have done either. I also never knew about the gas bill, but I forgive you. At least that was in your name, unlike the phone bill…ha. Coug, I forgave you a long time ago for the phone bill as well. I believe you finally paid up. Remember how against cell phones you were back then? Anyway, all this seems so trivial now.

    Also, didn't we cheat on the business law exams together? I used to try and justify using old tests because I was still "learning the material", but looking back it was definitely cheating.

  6. Coug,

    Wow! I totally forgot about the power thing. I'm not really sure of the details surrounding that situation were anymore, but I hope you can forgive me for that. No, I didn't steal your moves. I stole Hoga's(sp?). The "slippery slope" and "cheers to the band" were too damn good to steal.


    It does seem quite trivial. We did cheat on the exams together. I think that you were "learning the material" a little because you always did better than I did on those tests.


    Where were you guys when Mike got attacked in Reese?

  7. I told my son..."Sometimes I just don't like you."

    Nice, huh?? ;(

  8. Forgiven. Whatever I was doing was probably pretty unlikeable.

  9. I was out of town the weekend that Mike got attacked. I remember coming back and you just took me in the hallway and showed me all of the blood. Then you told me one of the craziest stories I have ever heard.

  10. Not only was that brawl crazy, but the guy himself was so far gone (twisted on LSD) that it was almost scary to look at his eyes.

    Still, a great memory and one for the books. As we said at 1630, we won't remember the pain and suffering, only the goodies.